Farrar Farm LLC


Farrar Farm has been in the business of raising beef cattle on our farm right outside Lynchburg, Tennessee since the farm’s founding in 1851 by our great-great-grandfather, James Franklin Farrar. The farm has been in continuous operation since and we are the 5th generation of Farrars to operate it.

We allow our cattle to grow up naturally without the use of any artificial growth hormones, steroids, or other additives. In addition to leisurely grazing the beautiful pasture on the rolling hills of Farrar Farm, our cattle also get an additional (and, at least if you’re a cow, delicious) supplement feed of spent mash from the local distilleries. The outcome is tastier, more tender beef, happier and healthier cows, and a better environment.
We offer beef for sale as either individual retail packs or in bulk as a share of the entire animal. Our Lynchburg Beef is dry-aged, USDA inspected, cut, and vacuum packed to perfection.

Our beef is also LOCAL in the truest sense of the word. Our community has supported Farrar Farm for 165 years and we think we owe it to our local community to return that support. Our beef does not come from some far-away feedlot where it is fed who-knows-what and we don’t ship it out of state for processing. Our cattle go from our pasture to your table without leaving a three-county area – raised in Bedford County, processed in Marshall County, and stored and sold in Rutherford County.

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