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Organic worm castings and Luffa

2 lb and 8 lb bags

2 lb $15.00
8 lb $30.00

Sell of organic worm castings for plants, trees, lawns and anything else you can grow. This product is non toxic, child and pet friendly and you don’t have to be concerned about using too much. The benefits of worm castings are: fighting fungal diseases and pests i.e., aphids, white flies, spider mites and other pests that feed of plants juices. The castings can be used to rehab all potting and ground soils for up to 1 year making it a great soil amendment addition to any plant lovers garden.

What is a luffa? Think of a “scrubby” used in the shower. Maybe you think of a “sponge”. Luffa is a vegetable and a member of the squash family. When small (about 6") it can be eaten like okra. But a East Fork Farm we allow them to remain on the vine and grow all summer long until right before the first frost. At that point, they are dried out, shucked of their outer hard flesh and stripped. This provides long cylindrical shaped sponge to use in many ways. We love our luffa. It has SO many uses. From cleaning your pots, pans and dishes, scrubbing showers, floors, to even a safe chew toy for dogs. We even make and sale luffa soap.

6" luffa $10.00

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