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We welcome you to Flying S Farms owned and operated by Ben and Catherine Simmons located in beautiful Cannon County in the town of Woodbury, Tennessee and we have been providing local farm fresh produce and specialty baking since 2003. Our chickens are pasture raised in a large confined area and closed up at night in a spacious coop for their protection. They are fed a non-gmo, non-soy layer ration, sunflower seeds, milo and plenty of greens and other vegetables.

We are a Non-Certified Organic farm and use Sustainable and Albrecht growing methods offering a wide variety of Heirloom and Non-GMO Hybrid produce. We use foliar fertilizers that are made with food grade products to promote the growth of our crops and use the Albrecht system to feed the soil reducing the need of commercial fertilizers and pesticides.

We also offer Value-Added Products from our Inspected Kitchen that are available year round. They can be found at our booth at the various Farmers Markets we attend, here on Stones River Locally Grown or by calling or emailing us. Our Jams are made using local fruits, we support local farmers in purchasing naturally grown fruit or organic 100% juices. No added preservatives or dyes are added to our products.

Our 2024 CSA (Community Support Agriculture) Shares are now available and applications can be found on our website.

Where to Find Us for our products and CSA Deliveries during the Spring and Summer. You can find us at the Franklin Year-Round Farmers Market (WE WILL BE THERE FIRST OF APRIL THROUGH OCTOBER) located behind The Factory in Franklin on Saturdays from 8-1:00pm. Stones River Locally Grown delivered to pick up location at Quinn’s Mercantile 301 N. Spring St. Murfreesboro, TN. Private delivery is available by request.

You can find us Year Around here on the Stones River Locally Grown Market. We start back to Franklin in April at the year around Franklin Winter Farmers Market located behind The Factory in Franklin on Saturdays from 9am to Noon. Also at our farm in Woodbury by appointment.

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