Wedge Oak Farm


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Pastured Poultry, Farm Fresh Eggs, Pastured Pork and Pastured Turkey
Our pasture-raised, USDA inspected chicken, Cornish
Hens, Poussin, turkey, pork, and beef are
sold by appointment to residential customers. Our
products are available at local farmer’s markets,
restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops in the middle
Tennessee area.
At Wedge Oak Farm, we work in conjunction with the
natural environment and the human-made aspects of our
115 year-old family farm, to create a dynamic and healthy
place for animals and vegetables to flourish. Composting
kitchen, yard and garden waste; collecting rainwater for
livestock and gardens; and reusing existing outbuildings
and pasturelands are some of the ways we balance the
impact on the Wilson county countryside with the
natural world.

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