Ewe and Me Creamery

Website: https://delaneyndrake.wixsite.com/eweandmecreamery

A few years ago, We discovered I had a food sensitivity to cow and goat milk. I went a few years without any dairy in my life, but was extremely excited to find I was not sensitive to sheep milk. We started our sheep dairy last year, with this being our first milking season.

We recognized that this unique milk could help others in our community who are sensitive to the other types of milk available. We offer herd shares and sheep milk ice cream through our dairy, which provides a guaranteed amount of milk per week. However, we find found our girls produce a lot and we find we end up with extra milk at the end of the week.

Our sheep graze out on our pasture which has never been treated with chemicals. We provide our flock grass hay, sheep feed and alfalfa. We are moving towards a grain free flock on a rotational grazing system. We hand milk to keep our girl comfortable and happy.

Our farm produces raw sheep’s milk, ice cream, and meringues from our own chickens.

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