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Micro-Greens and Sprouts

Microgreens and sprouts are extremely dense in vital enzymes, minerals and vitamins and chlorophyll. There aren’t many foods you could eat that are fresher.

Enjoy a dazzling array of new flavors. Plants are at their absolute peak of flavor intensity at this stage of life.

Alfalfa Sprouts
Grower: Botanical Harmony Farm
Price: $3.10 ( 2 ounces )
Available (Exact): 0

*Benjamin's Organic Sprouts* start with Certified Organic sprouting seeds and rinse daily with filtered water with loving care! The sprout ... more
Broccoli Sprouts
Grower: Botanical Harmony Farm
Price: $5.00 ( 3 ounces )
Available (Exact): 1

*Benjamin's Organic Sprouts* start with Certified organic sprouting seeds, gently rinse several times daily with filtered water. These sprouts receive ... more
Zesty Sprout Mix
Grower: Botanical Harmony Farm
Price: $4.50 ( 2 oz )
Available (Exact): 1

Absolutely a new house favorite!! Crisp, flavorful and Zesty!! A unique blend of clover, fenugreek and radish can be added ... more