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Market News

Market weather and harvest are continuing to be wonderful!

Time to stock up on local foods from growers/makers you trust! As always, if you have any questions about ingredients or growing practices/feed and care of animals… Contact the grower! All of us are local, we are community and are happy to answer and be of assistance when possible!

This week Farrar Beef has listed a (Beef) 1/8 Bulk Share (50 lbs) This includes many “stock the freezer” items and they never use steroids, hormones or antibiotics in their cattle! EVER!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?? This week Ann E Mays is cooking up a batch of delicious chocolate chip pecan cookies and chocolate fudge cake! These are age old recipes converted to gluten free. But don’t knock it till you try it! You will never know they are missing the wheat!

Flying S Farms has some Carnival and Acorn Squashes listed!

Smirk will be off this week as they are on the bi-weekly schedule!

Botanical Harmony Farm has listed more NON-GMO feed, free-range duck eggs! Our ducks are housed in our barn with the goats and chickens in the evening, for their protection from coyotes and foxes. During the day, they are free to roam our acreage and have a hand-dug pond (dug by my boys with shovels over a period of several years with plans to enlarge!) in which to frolic to their sweet duck contentment!

When we say free-range, we mean that! They go anywhere the chickens go… front yard to the orchard, back to the pond, to the pasture to visit the goats and muddy their water and then back to the pond again until evening when they expect a treat before bed!

Can we just say that we have had the pleasure of the most amazing host sites? Such community-minded people who are always willing to lend a hand, host an event, help out a charity… Tracy Toy of Quinn’s Mercantile is such an inspiration! She is always ready to help, get involved, promote the downtown beauty of where she lives or help others achieve their goals!
We are proud to be on the porch each week and hope that everyone goes in to support Tracy’s store and help spread the word about what she offers and how amazing she is! We appreciate you so much Tracy!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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