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Market IS open this week! Late email!

Stones River Market

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Market News

Good day everyone!
The market is open for orders this week.

Smirk Ice Cream will begin a bi-monthly schedule. They are off this week and return next.

Double Star Bar Farm is away this week.

Erdmann Farm is away this week.

Botanical Harmony Farm is updating their stock of tooth powder and available soaps.
Whipped Body butter has been freshly made and ready for your change of season skin needs!

Ferris Family Farm has added some sweet sugar baby watermelons and contender green beans. YUM!

Short Mountain Cultures returns this week!

Sorry for the email delay! There is a lot on the market so if you haven’t “browsed” lately, take a moment and do it! Maybe find some new favorites or see old ones have returned!
See ya on the porch!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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