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Market is Open

Market is Open have a wonderful week and see you “On The Porch” at Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday.

We are on week 9 of our “10 Year Anniversary Drawing” each time you place an order your name is put into “The Basket” for a $25 Gift Certificate or $10 Gift Certificates to the Market. Drawing will be September 26 “On The Porch” and you will notified if your are a ‘winner’.
This is our way of saying Thank You for your support and encouragement to the Stones River Market.

Surf the market I’m sure you will find some great things from our Growers.

*News from Growers"

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse: The fall reblooming azaleas are beginning to bloom! It seems a little early to me, but here they are. They’re in very limited supply, so if you want a lovely shrub with a good pop of fall bloom when few other things are blooming, get one quickly! Bonus: they’ll bloom in spring at “regular” azalea time too!

Farrar Farm LLC: Their holiday preorders available this week. Customers can reserve their item by selecting it and paying the deposit. They will order it from their processor and charge for the balance when delivered. Order early to have them for the holidays, lead time could be 2-3 months.

Flying S Farms has added Cushaw Squash, great for pies and baked items as well as decoration. Mountain Merit tomatoes are ready and White Half Runner Beans. Spice up your meals with our selection of HOT Peppers.

Looking forward seeing you on “The Porch” of Quinn’s Mercantile.

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