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Order today, Party Wednesday!!

Welcome to another wonderful week with the Stones River Market. Time to order: Market will be open until 10pm Monday.

Happy 10-year Birthday to the Stones River Market, we will be CELEBRATING this Wednesday July 18 with “Cake” and “Tea” during the Market Pick up Time! We would like to thank our Customers and Growers for making the past 10 years so successful. Starting last week and ending September 5th (10 weeks-get it…10 year Birthday!) each time you order your name will be entered will be added to “The Basket” for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate or $10 Gift Certificates to the market. Be sure to get an order in weekly to increase your chance. Any of our Growers/Vendors are welcome to set up a table where you can sample some of your items you offer and/or bring some to sell.

It is definitely summer with the rise in temperatures vegetables are beginning to ripen especially the tomatoes. Flat Creek Produce with beautiful Cherry tomatoes, Rainbow Hill Farms with both cherry and larger tomatoes and Flying S Farms with assorted large, cherry and green tomatoes.

All our meat vendors have some great selection of meats; perfect for any gathering, grilling or roasting.

This message from Linda Reed of Dogwood Valley Greenhouse: Please look through the perennials to see all the exciting ways to brighten up your garden! It is not too late to plant, and several types are still in bloom at this time. But you must be sure to keep them (as well as your spring plantings) well watered during this excessive summer heat.
I have been able to find a few new varieties to add to the listings from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse. Some of them include:
Coneflower – not just in pinks anymore! I now have a white one and a nice orange.
Blackberry Lily – not really a lily, but actually a little iris, is a summer charmer
Daylilies – I love the little bicolor orange & red, as well as several with red throats or markings. Unfortunately they are out of bloom now, but their photos give you a good idea of their colors so you can add now and enjoy next summer.
And for your herb garden, I have a few new offerings:
Large basil container – a one gallon pot containing 2 green and 2 purple basil plants, ready to harvest and enjoy this evening!
Elderberry bush – berries may have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer properties.
I have also made available several of the “old favorites” from last year, such as Greek oregano and various thymes and mints.
Lastly, the “fresh-cuts” are now available in limited quantities. Why buy fresh-cut herbs from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse?
1. All “fresh-cut herbs” are just that – cut the morning of market day, before the weather is too hot, increasing the flavor.
2. I discard the larger stems. Hence you get a lot more usable leaves and tender shoots than you might find elsewhere.
3. My herbs are organically grown, although I do not list them as “organic” because of the expenses involved with the certification process.
4. I never spray my herbs with any pesticide stronger than Insecticidal Soap, and that only very sparingly. You’re not eating chemicals. Hence you should be sure to wash your herbs before use, in case there might be a six-legged hitchhiker in the bag.

Looking forward seeing everyone on “The Porch” at Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday.

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