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Special Weblog from Mo’s Scrubs

I apologize, I forgot to mention a special blog from Latoya of Mo’s Scrubs, it’s that time of year to protect us from those biting insects. I use this Bug be Gone Spray, it definitely works and smells good and it is a lot safer than those commercial sprays.

Mo’ Scrubs Product Update:

Enjoy the summer bite free and burn free with new products from Mo’ Scrubs!  All natural mosquito repellent spray and balm now available! Also, if you purchased the 8oz spray bottle last summer, you can purchase a refill bag for $9!  All natural SPF 30 water resistant sunscreen is also now available.

Wedge Oak Farm: Added this week Three B Sausage, this beef sausage is loaded with summer time flavor. This sausage has beef, beets, and basil to round out the rich garlic flavor of summertime. Try it out as it is a beautiful color and rich in folate and fiber. includes mangalitsa pork fat.  

Market is now open through tomorrow, closing at 10 pm.