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Market is OPEN -- Tuesday Delivery

Welcome to this weeks Market. The Market opens 8am on Sunday Morning and closes 10 pm Monday evening.

Order early before quantities available run out!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Stones River Market Customers and Growers. This year has been a great year for the Market, meeting new customers and seeing returning customers, having new Growers join the Market has made for a wonderful year. Our 3 events (Meet & Greet, Anniversary/Birthday Celebration and Taste of Fall) were well attended and plans for next year are already being made. Thank you for your support of the Market and look forward to what next year will bring us and you.

We have 3 Market remaining for 2019 year after today. The Market will be closed the week of Christmas and New Years and will reopen January 5th 2020!

News From Our Growers:

Wedge Oak Farm: Back this week with several of their meat items this week, including Holiday Goose, Pekin Duck, Pork and Chicken along with our Sausages, Brats and Bacon and Eggs.

Trinity Rose Oberhasli Dairy Goats:Try making a cheese board or ‘charcuterie’ (pronounced “shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) board as an appetizer for Thanksgiving. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to serve when having family and friends over. Trinity Rose Chevre goat cheese goes wonderfully with Flying S Farms crusty artisan breads, try it with some of the FSF Seriously Hot Strawberry jam (or any of their preserves), so delicious!

If you partake of too many rich foods (and who won’t) over Thanksgiving, make sure to have some Trinity Rose goat milk kefir on hand. The probiotics in goat milk kefir are so good for your digestive system! As requested, I am making the kefir available in 12 ounce jars.

Last but not least, we will have our Keto Biscuits available for those that would like some type of bread but don’t do wheat bread.

We wish all of our Trinity Rose goat milk customers a very happy Thanksgiving. I am truly thankful for each of you! Arden

The Sugared Spoon: White Chocolate Raspberry and Twix cookies are back in rotation!! Check out the Assorted Dozen description, it has been updated. New flavors: a Peppermint Chocolate Cookie and a Chocolate Chess Bar.

Spring Meadow Farm: We have Bacon Cheese Quiche along with several pies that will compliment your Holiday and any meal: Chess, Chocolate, Coconut Cream, Lemon Meringue, Pecan and Pumpkin.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse: We are still taking orders for Christmas Wreaths and Kissing Balls – first come, first served, and when I run out of materials, I’ll have to stop making them. Therefore, I’d recommend you place your order soon, and if you’ve ordered but not paid your deposit, please pay that soon to hold your spot in line. I’ve also made the first Christmas cacti available. I’ll make them available as they come into bloom so I can be sure of color. Right now I have several red ones and one lone white one, but will have a couple more white and maybe some pink in a week or two. The different colors bloom at slightly different times. If you want a specific color, email me and request a hold on the next one to come into bloom. Wrapped in florist paper, these will make a nice addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Carole’s Herbs (CS3 Farms): Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have a new aperitif and a new digestive. Herbs are better for settling your stomach than anything you can get over the counter. Get a bottle of our Shurbs for a salad dressing, refreshing drink or dessert enhancement. We have several Ginger Fig, Crimson Passion and Wolfberry Mint.

Quarter Spring Farm: Whole Chickens are available, and some larger sizes for your Thanksgiving meal. Also available is our Bruise Balm and CBD Headache Balm.

Rainbow Hill Farm: Apples available this week; Mutsu, Pink Lady and Yellow Delicious.

BB’s Gourmet Pretzels: Our Pretzels are perfect for any occasion, Delicate Heat, Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Smudge (Sugared) these are also available Gluten Free along with our Peanut Butter Cookies.

Flying S Farms: Our popular Seasonal Christmas Jam made with Strawberries & Cranberries and Black Raspberry with seeds are back in stock along with our Seriously HOT Strawberry and Peach Habanero Jams. Pear Preserves make a nice addition to any holiday table next to our delicious biscuits. All of our Sweet Breads are perfect for any occasion.

Caney Fork Farms: Our Winter Season schedule with the Market will become monthly, delivering on December 18th, January 22nd, February 26th and March 25th, returning weekly in April 2020.

Crossing Creeks Farm: Will return December 1st.

Look forward seeing you “On the Porch” at Quinn’s Mercantile TUESDAY November 26th from 5:00 – 6:30pm, please contact me if you are unable to make delivery or are running late, please phone, email or text me so we can make arrangements to get your order to you.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesdays: 301 North Spring Street, Murfreesboro