White City Produce & Greenhouse


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My husband started this business over 20 years ago. He has always provided fresh high quality produce to local restarants and schools, as well as, operate a seasonal fruit stand in Monteagle also provided ferns, tropicals, and bedding plants from his greenhouses, for the last 17 years.

Three years ago I decided to leave my busy retail management career and help him grow this business. We now offer a wider variety of spring and summer plants, fall mums, and have expanded our operation to include a vineyard of muscadines and concords, as well as great products made from our grapes.

The summer season has been great! I have enjoyed meeting people from the Murfreesboro area at the local farmers markets, The Main Street Market and Rutherford County Market. I hope to continue those relationships.

Spring Selection:

Mandavillas, Boston, Kimberly, and Macho Ferns, a wide variety of vegetable plants and herb plants and fresh cut. Perennials include: Lantana, Coreopsis, Pink Fountain, Blue and Pink Balloon Flower, and more.

Summer Selection:

A variety of fresh vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes, squash, carrots, radishes, cucumbers and more.

And don’t forget about fresh concord grapes from the vineyard, muscadines and scupadines in the fall.

Certifications & License:

Our 5 greenhouses are state certified and inspected. No bugs or fire ants, and all our plants are disease free. We are a Naturally Grown Farm and inspected by the farmers markets we attend to insure what we sell is 100% grown by us. Our county UT Extension agent also drops in from time to time to see how things are “growing”.

I am certified and licensed by the state to process non-acidified foods, such as jam, jelly, dressing, and cider.

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