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Market is OPEN -- See you Wednesday

Welcome to this weeks Market, Market is open now until 10 pm Monday. Order early before quantities available run out!

Good Morning to another beautiful Fall morning in Middle Tennessee, enjoy the market this week.

On October 23rd from 5-6:30pm we will have our “Taste of Fall” event and a Gift Certificate Drawing. Several of Our Growers will have items available and information about what to expect during the Fall and Winter months and you will have a chance to win a $25, $10 or $5 Gift Certificate to the Market. When you place an order your name is entered into the drawing. There are 4 markets reamining until the drawing on October 23rd, place your order, it could be YOU!

News from Our Growers:

RnR Farms: Our delicious selections of lettuce are back on the market. Enjoy Butterhead, Green Leaf, Red Leaf Romaine Trio and Lettuce Blends.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse: What beautiful fall weather! Perfect time for planting perennials! It’s been really dry, and I still don’t see rain in the forecast, so you will need to water-water-water! But the weather is great and the ground still nice and warm, which will encourage plants to put down good strong roots. These new roots will help them to come through the winter in fine shape.

Look through the perennials list on the market, and find some pretty things from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse to add to your perennial garden this week. If your garden is looking a little dreary right now, you should choose some of our fall bloomers: the Toad Lilies, Hardy Species Begonia, tall pink Sedum, and Plumbago will bloom strongly for a month or more, and several Coneflowers & tall Coreopsis will bloom all summer, unhindered by the heat. The Dwarf Red Carnation will bloom in spring and will also give you some fall blooms, once the weather cools off a tiny bit. Of course the Coral Bells, Ferns, Sedums, and Lambs Ears will add their own colors and textures to your garden all summer, with the Dixie Wood Ferns looking especially handsome in the heat.

The Variegated Vinca & the English Ivy are both now ready to make a great ground cover for you.

New bloomers this last week or so include: Anemones in both white and a beautiful deep rose, and Turtlehead, aptly named for its very unusual flower shape. But the star of the show has to be the fall-blooming Azaleas, just beginning this last week. One of the shorter pinks is now in bloom (listed with throat markings), and will reliably bloom again in spring. Another is showing buds, and I think will be a deeper pink, but time will tell. It might be listed next week.

Get a few of these colorful beauties into your garden this week, and remember to water very well until cold weather sets in. Strong roots will produce incredible shows of color next year.

Flying S Farms: We’ve added Straight Neck Yellow Squash and Napa Cabbage this week.

Look forward seeing you “On the Porch” at Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday September 25th from 5:00 – 6:30pm, please contact me if you are unable to make delivery or are running late, please phone, email or text me so we can make arrangements to get your order to you.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesdays: 301 North Spring Street, Murfreesboro