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Good Morning - Market is OPEN!

September 22 will officially be Fall! The market is filling up with pumpkins, apples, winter squash and other’fall-ish’ items. Pumpkins are arriving with each one just a little different from the other. From roasting, baking, frying, jack-o-lanterns, pies, cakes, jams, cookies, roasted seeds and/or decorations the list is endless for any GREAT FALL event.

This is the last week of our “10 Year Anniversary Drawing” each time you place an order your name is put into “The Basket” for a $25 Gift Certificate or $10 Gift Certificates to the Market. Drawing will be September 26 “On The Porch” and you will notified if your are one of the ‘winners’. This is our way of saying Thank You for your support and encouragement to the Stones River Market.

Erdmann Farm has added several pumpkins this week along with okra and hot peppers.

Rainbow Hill Farm has Roma, Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Rhode Island Greening, Yellow Delicious apple choose from this week, as well as vegetables.

6R Farm has added Chocolate Chip pies
this week along with assorted vegetables.

Flying S Farms has added Cushaw Spice Cake bars

Farrar, Sow’s Ear Piggery and Wedge Oak Farm has several wonderful meat choices to select from.

Looking forward seeing you on “The Porch” of Quinn’s Mercantile.

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