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Welcome September - Market is Open

I am happy to see September, I know it is not technically Fall for several weeks but to me Fall is here. Colors are slowly changing and temperature are falling!

Several ‘fall’ produce are arriving on the market, find winter varieties of squash, second crops of summer squash, cooler season items will soon follow.

Some news from our Growers:

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse: This is the time of year when the perennial garden becomes rather boring, if you don’t take special effort to brighten it up a bit. It’s easy to find bright and cheerful perennials in the spring, in full bloom. But as the summer wears on, and the heat gets on all our nerves, most perennials also lose their enthusiasm and fade into the background. Not so the hardy species begonias, the beautiful blue plumbago, and the creeping rosemary. The first two prefer part to full shade, where they will really liven up the garden in early fall. The creeping rosemary may not be fully hardy in this area but is definitely worth trying if you can locate it in a sunny, well drained, and protected area, such as against the south foundation of your home. All three of these beauties are available in good numbers from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse for the next couple of weeks. Linda

Erdmann Farm: is back this week with red and green okra and Ghost HOT Peppers.

Flying S Farms: Our fall crop of Summer Squash is coming in, Yellow Straight Neck is available this week with Zucchini and Zephyrs to follow next week. Also Big Beef tomatoes are in and Sweet Peppers are beginning to change in color which makes them sweeter! Several varieties of HOT peppers are also coming in.

Looking forward seeing you on “The Porch” of Quinn’s Mercantile.

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