20200317_183247_stackedsucculents_resize_(2) Hardy Succulent Stacked Planter
Grower: Dogwood Valley Greenhouse
Price: $35.00 ( each 3 tiered planter with 9 plants)
%> Available (Exact): 2

This planter may be a little difficult for me to describe so that you understand. If you have any questions, please contact me. This lovely planter will be a beautiful addition to your doorstep or porch. The overall height, including plants, is about 20 inches tall. It has three tiers which can be taken apart for maintenance or re-arranging. Each tier has three succulent plants of various types, for a total of nine succulents in the planter. These plants were growing in 4 inch pots before being added to the planter. All plants in this planter are winter-hardy in the middle Tennessee area.