Shoulder_steak Pork - Shoulder Steak
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Price: $7.75 ( 1 pkg. 1.5 lb.)
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USDA, non-GMO. 1.5-pound (+/-) package shoulder steak. From pige raised on non-soy, non-corn diet. (Photo is representative of our pork, but label is for different weight.)From natural pasture raised heritage grazing hog fed with non-GMO pelleted feed and fresh produce. No antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. Comes frozen and unseasoned. USDA inspected. These cuts are fresh, with no type of rub, cure or brine. You may prepare fresh or cure with a rub or in a simple brine overnight. Pound out, bread, and fry for pork schnitzel. Or braise low and slow on the stove-top or in a covered oven dish. Recipe idea: Breaded shoulder cutlet: (Pair pork cutlet with any sides of your choice.)