Mushamo Valley


Mushamo Valley is a fledgling family-run operation with a focus on unique and delicious gourmet mushrooms. A variety of fresh and all-natural crisp micro-greens and sprouts will also be available. Micro-greens are extremely flavorful and generally contain higher nutrient levels than fully mature greens…good things DO come in small packages!

We are committed to an open source, closed loop business model. This means Mushamo Valley is open and transparent about our methods, as well as dedicated to closing the loop of waste product by implementing the creative reuse of local, spent industry byproducts such as brewers grain, wood chips, and coffee grounds, etc.

More than just fungi, mushrooms are an underappreciated keystone organism that are good for the planet and people:

- Oyster Mushrooms are a natural producer of “statins” – compounds that reduce “bad cholesterol” by stimulating liver receptors to clear cholesterol from the body.
- Mushrooms are low in calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium; they are easily digestible and contain a host of important vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, even contain copper- a necessary mineral that is not produced by humans. Just one mushroom serving contains more than 20 percent of a person’s daily value of copper.
- They are the only food in the produce section that produce Vitamin D! Nearly all species of edible mushrooms, when exposed to sunlight, generate Vitamin D. Some create as much as over the counter vitamin D supplements!

We look forward to building relationships with our customers and community, as well as building education on this fun fungi!

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