A&J Naturale

I make 100% grassfed & finished tallow lotion. It’s been used for centuries as a healing agent for all sorts of skin ailments including rashes, warts, eczema, psoriasis, topical pain reliever, diaper cream, burns/sunburns, skin cleanser, stretch marks, scars, etc. Although it significantly speeds up healing process of skin ailments tallow lotion is becoming popular again as a moisturizer. Available in extra whipped form (more luxurious as a moisturizer/eye cream) and also lightly whipped for keeping around the house in case of burn, pop up rash etc. My product is unscented, making it so safe I wouldn’t mind if my 6 month old ate some. I choose my beef fat from local farms and render (purify) it myself to guarantee the cleanest and highest quality.

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