Bean Man


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We grow dry beans (Pinto, Red, Black and White) and oats as our rotation to provide Dry Beans, Bean Mix, Bean Flours, Oat Flour and Scottish Oatmeal. All of our crops are grown without the use of glypohosate products during growth or harvest and no desiccants of any kind during harvest. All of our products are harvested, processed, cleaned and packaged by us to limit any cross-contamination. We now have four stone mills – one for bean flours, one for oat products, one for almond and coconut flour (because they are allergens), and finally one for our other flours. Everything we provide is always sold in the same season it was harvested – anything left over is either recycled or donated when the new crop becomes available so we label as fresh.

Our customers range from celiac, diabetic, vegan and vegetarian to those wanting a fresh option without chemicals and additives. Our processing operations are regulated and inspected by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture as well as our County Agent and we are a member of the Pick TN organization. We provide much more detail on our website and provide regular updates on our facebook and instagram pages. Please visit for recipes, cooking ideas and updates as well as lots of pictures.

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