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Happy Saturday afternoon

Good Afternoon! The market is open and ready for your orders~.

Botanical Harmony Farm and Homestead Manor Farm is back!

Short Mountain Cultures has delicious and refreshing kefir sodas stocked up! Great for these smoking hot days!

The Krafty Kupboard is stocked up on pantry items that can help make this busy time of year run a bit smoother!

Sweet Pea has some lovely wildflower bouquets!

Altamont Mennonites have 90/10 freezer filler 6 lb hamburger value packs for sale, check it out.

from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse announces a big sale! Tomato plants in 4 inch square pots will be $2, or 3 plants for $5. (The selection for 3 plants is listed separately.) Please leave a message to the farmer telling me which variety(ies) you would prefer. I have Abe Lincoln, Better Boy, Early Girl, and Large Red Cherry. Mix and match for the special, and if you order 6, I’ll throw in an extra one for free. It’s time these good healthy young plants leave my greenhouse and find a good garden to grow in!

Newly in bloom this week: the astilbes are just starting, and oh, how pretty they will be in a shady area of your garden! We have astilbe in four beautiful colors. But you have mostly sunny areas? Then try our Stokesia (Stokes aster), also just beginning to bloom in a lovely lavender blue or in white. We still have a lot of other blooming plants listed in previous messages, but if you are looking for something specific, please ask. I have quite a few things that I haven’t had time to list on the markets as yet.

And, oh yes, there is still plenty of time to plant perennials and annuals. Just please be sure to keep them well watered – “the more sun, the more water” is a good general rule. I water the greenhouses with gentle watering for 20 minutes every day. And one last thing: my plants come with a replacement guarantee for one year from date of purchase. Let me know if you have any issues with a plant you purchased from me.

Thank you all for your patience as we slowly try to get on our feet with the market.

See you soon on the porch!

Michael and Linda