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Happy Earth Day! The Market is now open!

Stones River Market

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Market News

Morning! Happy Earth Day! Thank you for choosing to support local this and every week!

The market is now open for your order! Produce options are growing :D

Homestead Manor Farm has listed more delicious broccoli leaf bunches! Perfect for any sautee as they add a nice chewy texture and cook a bit faster than kale. Nutrient dense as well! Greenhouse, organically grown!

Check out Dogwood Valley Greenhouse azalea shrub for your semi-shaded area!They are beautiful!

Frontier Family Farm has spinach and the micro-greens are very popular. Several varieties to choose from!

Lynchburg Beef has added some specialty items for any occasion!

Wedge Oak Farm has all your sausage needs covered! Need a whole roasting chicken? They’ve got your back as well!

Flying S Farms never fails to deliver amazing quality baked goods and chicen eggs!

Ferris Family Farm has fresh-cut herbs available!

Double Star Bar Farm what can I say but BAGELS!! Wow and the sourdough is my weekly go-to when I need a quick meal with some The Krafty Kupboard Hummus! SO FRESH and so delicious- KNOW YOUR MAKERS!

Super incredible to know who is making my food!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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