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Farrar Farms says Farrar Farm has several Special Order items available for your Mother’s Day dinner (such as whole beef tenderloin). Don’t disappoint mom!!!! Order now to ensure that it’s ready for the big day.
Any questions on special orders? Let us know!

Botanical Harmony Farm has plenty of duck eggs this week! Stock up for Easter baking or incredible soft or hard boiled eggs!

Linda from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends this cheery Springtime note:

Yes it’s really spring. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say that, this year! In the greenhouse, the plants may be blooming a week or so earlier than they would if outside, in the wind and rain. But they sure are happy in the greenhouse! This week, many of them are continuing to bloom from previous weeks, such as Euphorbia, columbine, coreopsis, creeping phlox, Dianthus, charming taller woodland phlox, dwarf Solomon’s seal, vinca, and azaleas. I’ve also noticed a few new blooms, including some of the dwarf carnations, foam flower, coral bells, pincushion flower, Spiderwort, and salvia.

The ferns, especially the low Japanese Painted and the taller Ostrich, would look really great in your woodland garden. The wandering Jew hanging baskets are lush and full, and the Rex begonias are ready (as soon as the weather stays consistent) to add color to your porch or patio.

The mints and oreganos are doing very well, and finally the thyme is filling out. Salad burnet is still thick and full, waiting to be a part of your next salad. We have a few Rosemary and Lavender plants as well, and a limited number of Stevia. Valerian, a very useful herb, can also add a tall white accent to your perennial border.

And a nice surprise: the Christmas cacti are back in bloom! They actually haven’t been resting for long, and I’ve been watering them right along. So I’m not sure what triggered the bloom cycle, but they’ll make great Mother’s Day gifts. (I will wrap for you.)

Don’t forget: it’s not reliably warm enough for tomato and pepper plants yet, in spite of what some of the big box stores try to tell you. In fact, I saw several dead ones in my local shop a couple days ago, and there will be more after this coming Monday’s cold night. And I’m going to throw out a forecast that we will get one more frost, right after the next round of vegetable plantings. My suggestion: wait till at least May 1, when the soil is nice and warm, allowing for good strong root growth, which is essential for healthy plants. Then get your tomato and pepper plants from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse. I will have several varieties of tomatoes and some California Wonder green bell peppers, available in about two to three weeks.

Check out all the excited listings on our incredible market!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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