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Market News

Good morning! Is everyone feeling this early Spring? Our farmers are carefully watching early crop already in the ground or greenhouses. Sprouted seeds are coming up and egg producers are happily laying again!

Botanical Harmony Farm has a few dozen duck eggs listed this week.

So far Sanders Bros. Coffee has offered only light and medium roasts, of which the Honduras Pacavita Organic has been a big hit. But now there is an option for those of you who like a dark roast! The Brazil Cafelandia micro-lot comes from a single farm and will be roasted dark to present a nutty, chocolatey coffee with a subtle red apple sweetness. A rich and complex cup!

If anyone wants to special order beef for Easter dinner, please check out Farrar Farm’s special orders. Quantities will be limited between now and Easter so get your orders in now.

Linda from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends this Springtime note:

The first blooms of spring are always a bit tricky to predict. I was watching my daffodil garden, as well as the weather report, and listed the Spring Daffodil Bouquets on the market last week. On Tuesday I had a few dozen flowers, but on Wednesday, it seemed that half the buds opened at once! They may only be available for three weeks because of early hot weather. I’d love for you to enjoy them along with me!

I’m starting to see buds here and there in the greenhouse too. It’s a bit early to set plants in the garden just yet, but these have been in an unheated house all winter, so they’re used to the temperatures. As soon as the weather gets nice enough for the gardener, these early beauties will be ready to go: Dwarf Coreopsis, Creeping Phlox, Pulmonaria, Primrose, and Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus). Most of these will be in bloom in the next two or three weeks. Watch the “Featured Products” at the top of the page to see what’s in bloom this week (but I can only list the five most recent; many of them will stay in bloom for many weeks.)

As a reminder, we appreciate when customers return containers for reuse! Thank you for being conscientious earth dwellers! WE love you!

There’s likely so much more on the market you may not have realized we have! Take a few moments to browse a new category today :)!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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