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Welcome back sunshine! I know we are all more than ready to feel alive and vibrant again! The Whole Foods from our farmers and makers help us to fill that void in winter’s rest.

Fronteir Family Farm brings us iron-rich spinach! Great raw for salads, smoothies or sautéed with some eggs from our farmers for a wonderful protein boost!

Botanical Harmony Farm is back this week.

Marcy Jams select varieties on sale this week for $5! Stock up and save!

Short Mountain Cultures has half gallon growlers of their incredible water Kefir! An effervescent natural soda that aids digestion and helps maintain a healthy immune system! This is one treat to have on hand!

Virgin Bay Seafood is off this week! We look forward to their return.

So much more on the market this week and our produce farmers are busy gearing up with new seedlings and plans for abundant crops to feed our families! Thank you for always supporting them!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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