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The Market is Open!

Stones River Market

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Market News

The market is open and ready for your orders this week!

Announcement please remember milk jars when you order the next round. Since the deposit has to be paid until those jars are returned, we have to ask either to remember the jars or we must charge another jar fee. Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate the provider of the milk and our loyal customers!

Frontier Family Farm continues to provide us with top quality, lovingly grown spinach and lettuce!

Wedge Oak offers sausages crafted from chicken and sausage in patties and ground. Perfect for a warm breakfast with

Flying S Farms biscuits!

We have eggs from both of the above mentioned farmers along with:

Mixes for pancakes, biscuits, cornbread and more from The Krafty Kupboard for those who love to DIY but might need it to be fast AND all-natural!

Botanical Harmony Farm has been reducing inventory for new packaging and new offerings! We will be fully stocked in a few weeks.
The ducks are on their winter break from laying eggs and say they appreciate you helping in their feed costs! :)

There is plenty on the market to add to your weekly, all-natural grocery list!

Don’t forget delivery is an option!
We are working on a new fee system for deliveries and hope to add more folks to the program soon! Thank you so much for support in this effort!

We appreciate the local love you continue to show. Our farming/entrepreneurial families NEED you!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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