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Market IS open this week!

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Market News

Welcome back market family! We hope you had a wonderful week of family and friends.

The market is open for orders and we hope you find lots to fill your needs!

Lots of milk and butter on offer this week! Stock up for your warm toast and biscuits from Flying S Farms.

Linda at Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends this:
Brrr! It’s cold outside! While you’re paging through seed catalogs and planning next year’s gardening adventures, you need a friend or two inside to keep you company. Dogwood Valley Greenhouse has several really nice full wandering Jew hanging baskets available. And if you weren’t able to find a nice Christmas cactus, we have a new crop just coming into bloom, all a pretty lighter shade of pink. Our Rex begonias are also very pretty, many in bloom during winter. So bring some color to your dining room, coffee, or bedside table with one of these nice houseplants.

Frontier Family Farm is still providing the most excellent salad mixes and spinach for our need of the green things in winter! Absolutely perfect!

Flying S Farms has spaghetti squash that is lovely with marinara or even butter and parmesan cheese!

Botanical Harmony Farm is still bringing in the most delicious duck eggs! PERFECT for pancake and cornbread mixes, fried eggs, boiled or scrambled! So creamy and delicious!

Wedge Oak Farm has a huge selection of meats that shouldn’t be missed. From pork to chicken!

Farrar Farm beef is perfect for these cold days when you need a good stew or steak!

Prefer a plant-based diet? Short Mountain Cultures has the best tempeh ever introduced to the mouth, kefir, kraut, kvass, and more to help keep your body and mind happy!

Stock up for this cold week ahead and we will see you next year ;).

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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