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Good morning everyone!

Another gorgeous Autumn day!

Time to order your weekly groceries from producers you know and trust!

We have greens, root crops, winter squashes!

Farrar Beef won’t have more 1 lb ground beef packages for about 2 weeks so has 2 pound beef AND the 1 pound packages of ground round and ground sirloin ON SALE! Stock up now!

Erdmann Farm is away this week.

Short Mountain Cultures is away this week.

Botanical Harmony Farm has LOTS of duck eggs and the are on sale this week as well. $6 per dozen or if you are new to duck eggs and want to try just a few… $3.50 for half dozen!

These make excellent devilled eggs, give such a wonderful lift to baked goods due to the protein content, and have a super-creamy yolk for fried eggs and so much more. Use as you would a chicken egg for a rich, egg experience!

Be on the lookout for sales, not just this shopping weekend but in the weeks ahead as well! Our growers/makers want to supply your holiday gift-giving needs!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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