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Good Morning!

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Market News

WOW! What a great day to say we live and are supportive citizens of Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee!

Murfreeboro showed love, as usual! What a beautiful community to call home and know that LOVE does win!

Thank you for all who supported the market last week and every week. Some of our farmers were unable to earn much-needed money on the last day of the Saturday Farmers Market so your continued support here means the world!


On to the market news:

Erdmann Farm has listed peppers, pumpkins, and radishes. If we do not get the predicted frost for this week, he will have Zinnia bouquets as an added treat! Peppers and Pumpkins both freeze well for winter use!

Flying S Farms Has a great assortment of squash along with frost-kissed greens! (the frost makes the greens have a sweeter taste!)

She also moved the Pumpkin and Orange Cranberry Breads from the Cakes tab to Quick Breads for easier access.

Check out those along with their Crab Apple and Maypop Jellies!

If you have yet to try Short Mountain Cultures Coconut Kefir, DO IT!! It is creamy and only slightly tangy! Loaded with essential probiotics and GOOD strains of bacteria for improved gut health which can assist in many areas of healing and health maintenance! Try it and the Water Kefir this week!

Who tried the micro greens from Urban Sprouts ? WOW! Delicious and packed full of nutrition as well. We added the pea shoots to duck egg wraps this week! Just eating them straight from the container works for me as well!

Nature’s Wealth added a Gallon size popped popcorn in addition to the quart size. Perfect for on-the-go snacks. The sealable bag keeps the corn fresh for days! Their popping corn seeds are grown on their farm, using Heirloom, non-gmo corn kernels!

What an incredible and FULLY stocked market we have of locally grown or produced products! Makes me PROUD!

From Beef, to chicken sausage, duck and chicken eggs, soaps and natural skin care, hummus, tempeh, ferments, greens, jams, baked goods, vegetables and live plants… it’s pretty amazing how our farmers/makers have shown up for us and we for them.

Thank you again, for your support of this community market! We love you!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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