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NEW grower comes to the market!

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Market News

Hello All!

Now that the Saturday Market on the Square has wrapped up for the season, could you do us a favor and spread the word that they can still purchase local and wonderful products from their own community throughout the year? Share it on Facebook, word of mouth, need some flyers? Let us know! We want to reach friends and neighbors who are searching for something like Stones River but haven’t found us yet.


WELCOME to Urban Sprout !!

Brandon writes:

“Hello Stones River Market! We are happy to start supplying the market with delicious microgreens. We sell sunflower, pea, and radish microgreens in small ($3) and large ($10) sizes. try our microgreens in your meal to add a boost of flavor and nutrition!”

Find these under the Micro-greens and sprouts tab.

Flying S Farms has added a Maypop (passionfruit) jelly. Maypop has a wonderful ‘floral’ scent jelly and mild taste similar to apple.

Erdmann Farm has lots of Field pumpkins for your carving and seed roasting pleasure! Get yours from a trusted, local grower! He also has roasting pumpkins! If you love pumpkin pie, roasting your own takes that from-scratch recipe up a couple notches!

Botanical Harmony Farm has plenty of Non-Gmo, Free-Range duck eggs still on sale this week! Gathered several times each day, get them while the ducks are happily still laying!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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