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Market News

Happy First day of October! Let’s celebrate this wonderful change of season and welcome in cooler temps with some fresh, local foods!

Flying S Farms has added a Friendship Banana Bread in half and full loaf! Banana Pecan Friendship Bread has a lighter texture than the typical Banana Breads. Wonderful flavor and great toasted or dress it up for a dessert with ice cream or whip cream. They can be frozen for later use and some say the flavors are richer after frozen.

Erdmann Farm is off for several weeks.

Smirk is off this week.

Double Star Bar Farms has the BEST candied baby ginger! The fibrous option in the store pales in comparison! Tender, sweet with a touch of gingery spice! Get it while it lasts this season.
Don’t forget the best bagels in town for a wonderful meal option.

We have lovely fall vegetables and still some summer favorites coming in!

Meats, eggs, milk, butter, cereals, grain mixes and so much more!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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