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Market News

Market weather and harvest are continuing to be wonderful!

Time to stock up on local foods from growers/makers you trust!

What I love about eating seasonally and locally is that variety is never an issue. Seasonal, fresh vegetables along with locally made krauts, tempeh, meats, eggs and seasonings, grains and some treats make for a wonderfully healthy diet. Plus, it *kind of * satisfies the hunter/gatherer in us all! A grocery store doesn’t provide near the fun or deliciousness!

Double Star Bar Farms has the BEST bagels around and customers agree that they smell and taste delicious! They also have candied ginger and fresh ginger! Grab yours while you still can! Once it’s gone for the season, it’s gone!

This week Farrar Beef has listed holiday pre-order items: whole beef tenderloins, standing rib roasts and more!

Botanical Harmony Farm has added more duck eggs and they are on sale this week for $6.50 per dozen! We are gathering so many each day and these are delicious hard-boiled, used in baking and so much more! One customer states that they are easier for her to digest than chicken eggs. Studies show that the pH of a duck egg is better suited for most human bodies! Give them a try while they are so abundant!

Don’t forget the wonderful milk and butter we have listed from the Amish Mennonites…. Michael Raines of Frontier Family Farm brings his orders plus gathers those of all the Mennonites who are local to him to bring us wonderful and rich full-cream milk, butter and the delicious fingerling potatoes from Nature’s Wealth

Smirk is back this week.

Be sure to check out the on-the-go items we have from The Krafty Kupboard , Flying S Farms Ann E Mays’ Gluten Free Goodies.

Thank you so much for supporting local! We love our community and market family!

See ya on the porch!!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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