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Good morning market family!

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Good morning!

Thank you all so much for the support of the Universalist Unitarian Youth selling lemonade to benefit the Murfreesboro Community Garden. Gorgeous afternoon, lovely hand crafted stand, wonderful company and I would call the day a success for them. Your support means everything! We have the best market family! A special thank you to Tracy Toy (owner of Quinn’s Mercantile and long-time market customer) for the never-ending generosity to her community. She embodies the true meaning of support local!

Linda from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends this note from the greenhouse:

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse is still awash in color, and your perennial garden can be colorful in August too! Carefully consider sequence of bloom when you select new plants. Try adding a couple of these to make the sunny areas colorful in late summer: Carnations, Coneflowers, and Gauras, all of which will bloom all summer; also Daylilies, Pincushion Flower, and Tradescantia, all of which bloom earlier in the season and then return for an August encore.

For the shady areas, you might try some of these beauties: Species begonias, Toad Lily, and Plumbago, all to be accented with various shades of colorful foliage of Coral Bells and Hosta. We also have some very nice late-blooming azalea bushes which are not listed on the market. If you’re interested in these, please drop me an email at .

Still waiting their turn to bloom are the Anemones, Asters, and Sedums. All are spectacular in an early fall garden.

If you haven’t tried some of these beauties, you owe it to your perennial garden to add a few now! All are available on the market from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse. Late summer is a fine time to transplant flowering perennials, if you are diligent to keep them well-watered during our traditionally drier August.


Botanical Harmony Farm (Tracey) apologizes for the salve announcement and then not getting them listed last week. I did have them at pickup and appreciate those who picked up a few then! Listing them now!

Ann E May’s Gluten Free Goodies is baking up gluten-free zucchini muffins this week along with chocolate fudge cake and as always, candied bacon.

Erdmann Farm is back with us this week and brings okra to his line-up.

Smirk is back and updated their stock for the week! They are selling out fast each week at their live markets so get it while its cold :D

Have a wonderful start to your week and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

See ya on the porch!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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