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Good morning!

Linda from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends this note from the greenhouse:

Is your garden looking a little tired & drab? Does it need some colorful perennials? Dogwood Valley Greenhouse plants are available all year round, unlike the box stores. And I pay special attention to sequence of bloom when I add new plants to the market. Right now I have several in bloom, including the “old reliable” carnations, which have bloomed all summer. These garden carnations have shorter stems and smaller blooms than the florist types, but they bloom prolifically, and their scent is heavenly! I have restocked several types of Coneflowers, and although these plants are young and small, they have been blooming very nicely for most of the summer. Some of the reblooming daylilies, as well as Pincushion Flower and Tradescantia, are back in bloom after a short rest. The gauras aren’t prolific bloomers, but their delicate dancing flowers will continue all summer till frost. The less common Species begonias are just coming into bloom now in the shady greenhouse. These are native to this area, but I cannot tell whether they are true perennials, or whether their prolific self-seeding is the reason I have them every year. I also currently have Toad Lily and Plumbago in bloom, more shade-lovers whose blooms are sure signs of shortening day length. Coral bells are also very colorful in the late summer shady garden, with bright foliage color choices between lime green and burgundy, some with striking markings. Still waiting their turn to bloom are the Anemones, Asters, and Sedums. If you haven’t tried some of these beauties, you owe it to your perennial garden to add a few now!

Thanks so much!


Anita with Anne E May’s Gluten Free Goodies sends this note:
It’s back to school time, and my Abbie and myself will be starting back tomorrow! So Ann E. May’s will be trying something a little different. In an attempt to balance school with baking, Ann E. Mays will be only offering a couple choice items every week. We don’t want you to get bored, so we will change what we are offering from week to week. This week, Ann E. Mays is cooking up some delicious Gluten Free Zucchini Dump Cake, and Gluten Free/dairy free Lemon poppyseed muffins. Order plenty to freeze because it won’t be back next week! Candied bacon will be offered weekly, for a limited time. Thanks!

Don’t forget to take a trip through Quinn’s Mercantile Absolutely the best shop around! Locally made goods, something for everyone and the best staff in the Boro! We appreciate Tracy Toy and the space she has provided us!

Botanical Harmony Farm is adding new balms and salves for your herbal, all-natural self-care needs! A Dream Balm to help promote relaxation and deep sleep with lucid dreaming which includes our farmgrown Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris, lavender and lemon balm> These plants can help relax and aid in deep sleep without being a sedative or have side-effects.

Moon Time Balm includes White Willow bark, Yarrow flowers calming menstrual cramps. NOT for use by pregnant women as the yarrow can cause increased blood circulation.

Plant Magic Healing Salve! THIS has been in our arsenal for over a decade and we FINALLY have our ST. John’s Wort plants blooming again to make a coveted “red oil” which helps nerve ending pain and burns on skin. There are many other amazing skin healing and nourishing plants in this salve. Use for cuts, wounds, skin burns, insect bites and we even have a customer who uses it for a MOISTURIZER! He looks great! :D

Check these out and we will be adding some new products and sample sets, gift sets and more this fall!

Rainbow Hill still has peaches and I just saw APPLES!!! Get em fresh and always get them local!!

Quinn’s Mercantile has you covered for back to school shopping! Unique must-haves and gifts for new college-bound students will make you the hit of their school year! Check out all Tracy and her staff have going on inside!

Farrar Farm has burger patties for your end of the summer, backyard barbeques.

Of course the vegetables are still pouring in! peppers galore, squash and so much more! We have so much to offer and choose from in ONE convenient shopping place!

See ya on the porch!

Tracey & Ashleigh

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