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Milk Producer Survey! Please Read!

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Market News

We have the opportunity to have cow milk (for pet consumption) along with handcrafted butter on the market!
Michael Raines with Frontier Family Farms works closely with the Mennonite community in his area to bring us some of the wonderful goods they produce!

The milk producers want to get an idea of how much milk this market might purchase from them on a weekly basis. They also have lovely handcrafted butter to offer at this time.

If you are interested in purchasing milk in half-gallon glass jars for $3.50 per half PLUS a refundable $4 jar deposit, PLEASE click the link and take the survey so we can get this going as quickly as possible.

Two quick yes or no questions to answer!

Thank you for your patience in getting our milk replaced, we are excited to be able to offer it again. At this time, it will only be milk and butter.

Here’s the link, simply copy and paste into your browser search bar:

See ya on the porch!

Tracey & Ashleigh


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