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Market News

WOW! SO much rain!! Welcome Spring indeed! Green plants are absolutely loving this feel, animals not so much!

Jenny with Seeds of Success will only be with us this week and next for ordering. She and her husband, Pat, are moving and we just don’t know what we will do without her! She moved to Murfreesboro, without a customer base, had a dream and fulfilled it beautifully! Thank you to all of you for helping to sprout and allow her seeds to grow along the way! She will be GREATLY missed!

This week Erdmann Farms is away but returns next week with kale, swiss chard, and peonies!

Ferris Family Farm brings us lots of green goodness along with carrots this week and his sections of bamboo root stock! Grow your own privacy fence, harvest the shoots when small for food and use the hardened canes for stakes in the garden!

Linda at Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends this message:

Planting season continues in full swing, and the sequence of perennial blooms is in mid-season now. It’s important to keep sequence of bloom in mind so that your garden will always have some color. In bloom at Dogwood Valley Greenhouse this week are: Foamflower, variegated Jacob’s ladder, the late woodland phlox which is blue with a dark eye, all the gauras, white cranesbill, beardtongue, tradescantia, white salvia, and valerian. Continuing unabashed are: all the carnations (and oh how heavenly the fragrance!), dianthus, and dwarf coreopsis. Currently carrying large buds and ready to bloom in a few days are: all the colors of astilbes, the early coral bells, the foxgloves, the very early orange reblooming daylilies, and the white yarrows. The herbs are filling out too, with lemon balm, rosemary, and the mints leading the pack. Your garden needs some of these riotous colors and fantastic fragrances! Check out the pictures on the market, and clean off your trowels and work gloves. It’s time to plant!

Wild Flours has also announced that they will no longer be baking/selling to the public. They will miss the markets, vendors and customers they have met along their 7-year journey! We wish them all the best and perhaps one day they will decide to do it all again! You will be incredibly missed!

Thank you, market customers, for supporting Peyton and Andi Owen last week with their annual plant start sale! We do have the best customers!

Don’t forget that we can deliver to your door! Select delivery and add to your cart just as you would any product check that your address is correct in the system, set a cooler out and we will deliver during the normal pickup hours on Wednesday.
Delivery is restricted to the Murfreesboro area.

See ya on the porch!

Tracey & Ashleigh


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