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Market News

Good Morning Market family!

White City Produce & Greenhouse and Wild Flours return this week while Double Star Bar Farms is still off. Seeds of Success will also be off this week.

There is plenty to be found on our incredible market!

Virgin Bay Seafood is all about sustainability and bringing products to the mainland that we couldn’t otherwise find so fresh! Wild Alaskan Seafood in TN!! 100% wild caught/ 100% sustainably harvested and available year round. Virgin Bay Seafood offers salmon, whitefish and shellfish. The even have a quarterly seafood CSA. Look under the new “seafood” category.

From The Krafty Kupboard

The Krafty Kupboard has been working hard restocking many of your favorite products. She has soups (split peas, lentils, chili), breads (cornbread, biscuits), snacks (granola, trail mix) breakfast items (pancakes, cream of wheat), various types of hummus and much more. All of her products are organic, most are gluten-free, and many are vegan.

I will add that they are ALL healthy, delicious options!

Linda at Dogwood Valley Greenhouse says:
This crazy weather has finished off the daffodils, sadly, but that just means that the greenhouses at Dogwood Valley Greenhouse are coming alive, with the early spring things beginning to bloom. Your garden will delight in the addition of some color to welcome spring very early each year. And can the herbs be far behind? We also have some really nice hanging baskets available, which will need to stay indoors till end of April. Watch the “Live Plants” category, as new plants will be made available each week. Since these are listings from previous years being made available again for this season, they will not show up in “What’s New” at the top of the page.

Ferris Family Farms has lots of delicious greens listed!

Frontier Family Farm also has plenty of delicious spinach!

This week we made a mushroom/spinach cheese stick that was out of this world! Did take any photos but wish we had!

Botanical Harmony Farm will have alfalfa and broccoli sprouts this week.

Don’t forget that we can deliver to your door! Select delivery and add to your cart just as you would any product check that your address is correct in the system, set a cooler out and we will deliver during the normal pickup hours on Wednesday.

See you Wednesday!

Tracey & Ashleigh


Please, share your recipes with us on the Recipes tab. We’d all love to know how you use your Stones River Market products, so we can try it too!

I am taking a break from recipes. Look for them to return soon.

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