Zss112_sprouting_a-go-go_seeds_1_480x480 Sandwich Sprouts Medley
Grower: Mushamo Valley
Price: $5.25 ( 3 ounces)
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New to the world of sprouts? Not sure which variety to go with? Want to get a bang for your buck? The Sandwich Medley will deliver on all of these and more! The Sandwich Medley is a mega-tasty mix of mild Alfalfa and Red Clover sprouts added to zesty, crunchy Daikon Radish sprouts for big zippity, zingy flavor! All sprout seeds are untreated, USDA organic, and non-GMO. Our sprouts are lovingly cared for and the only thing that goes into their growing is purified water and all-natural sunshine. Sprouts contain BIG nutrition in an adorably tiny package. In addition to being an awesome source of nutrients, they also have important curative ability. The internet holds a wealth of resources expounding the health benefits of sprouts (check out www.ISGA-Sprouts.org) but a few of the more incredible factoids include: -Sprouts contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals (plant compounds) that protect against disease; -Sprouts such as Alfalfa contain a natural abundance of anti-cancer compounds (L-Canavanine); -Sprouts are a great source of protein and Vitamin C and they are low fat, high fiber, and cholesterol-free! Sprouts are an easy way to boost the nutrition content in smoothies, sandwiches, soups...the limit is your culinary imagination!