Radish_daikon Daikon
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The daikon radish looks like a white or purple carrot. It's a root vegetable, but instead of having a potent, peppery taste, it's sweet, crisp and mild. It can be used in salads, pickled or even stir-fried. It's popular in some Asian cuisines.....Daikon has many unbelievable therapeutic virtues and it is rich in nutrients. It is high in minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamins of group B and fibres, it has fat-burning properties because it metabolises them....Try them baked or boiled in stews and soups or in a stir fry. Also try them lightly steamed with olive oil, salt or lemon juice for flavor. Eat 'em Raw. Slice daikon radishes and eat raw with a dip or peanut butter or add shredded raw Daikon radishes to salads.