55b7a4ca-15ca-4ae8-be33-68b6bd0f97c1 Staghorn Fig herbal tea
Grower: Carole's Herbs (CS3 Farms)
Price: $5.00 ( Approx. 2 oz./48 tsp/16 tbsp.)
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Tea (tisane) made from fig leaves, which taste like green tea but are caffeine-free, and sumac berries, which add a lemony zing. The tea has a light, crisp taste that is really enhanced with a touch of honey. It makes a great iced tea as well. Fig leaf tea is reported to be good for diabetics as well, drinking 4 cups a day is said to help regulate sugars. Staghorn Sumac (NOT POISON SUMAC) is well-known for its use in making qualla, a tart, antioxidant-­rich drink made by steeping the drupes in cold water. Sumac has a long history of use as a spice. The concentrated juice of the drupes also makes a good marinade, imparting meats with a lemony tartness. It was first brought to North America by European colonists, who in turn acquired the plant from the Middle East, where it originated.