Crossing Creeks Farm

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Crossing Creeks Farm is a family farm committed to raising pasture raised, organic fed, and soy free meats, eggs, and dairy. We focus on small batch, hand crafted and premium quality in all our products. Our beef and dairy cattle receive only mother’s milk, grass, sea salt minerals and kelp during their lifetimes resulting in 100% grass-fed nutrient dense products. Our poultry are raised on pasture and moved twice a day to receive the freshest grasses. They enjoy hunting for bugs and worms and are supplemented with New Country Organics soy free feed. We also process and package our chickens here on our farm in small batches to guarantee the very best quality. We are resellers of New Country Organics livestock feeds-the only feed our animals receive on our farm. We sell everything direct to the consumer. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at Crossing Creeks Farm and share in our daily story from here on the farm. And thank you for supporting our family farm!

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